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:Would you [[:m:Wikimedia CEE Spring 2019/Participants|sign up here]] and [[:m:Wikimedia CEE Spring 2019/Structure/Lithuania|create Lithuanian list here]]? ([[:m:Wikimedia CEE Spring 2018/Structure/Lithuania|last years list]]). I would not worry about spring being not good time, you can never fully understand why people start contributing. It has been a steady increase each year on Latvian Wikipedia. --[[Naudotojas:Papuass|Papuass]] ([[Naudotojo aptarimas:Papuass|aptarimas]]) 12:36, 13 kovo 2019 (EET)
::{{reply to|Hugo.arg}} I copied list from last year. See if you can replace more covered topics with new ones. --[[Naudotojas:Papuass|Papuass]] ([[Naudotojo aptarimas:Papuass|aptarimas]]) 10:30, 18 kovo 2019 (EET)
:{{reply to|Papuass}} Unfortunately, no, I will be busy this time. {{reply to|Hugo.arg}} please don't judge people, because you have made also a spelling mistake.--[[Naudotojas:Zygimantus|Zygimantus]] ([[Naudotojo aptarimas:Zygimantus|aptarimas]]) 23:48, 18 kovo 2019 (EET)
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