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== Nariai ==
=== Laiko juosta ===
<div align="center">
ImageSize = width:700 height:350
PlotArea = left:110 bottom:60 top:6 right:6
Alignbars = justify
DateFormat = mm/dd/yyyy
Period = from:01/01/1983 till:01/16/2011
TimeAxis = orientation: horizontal format: yyyy
Colors =
id:Vocals value:red legend:Vocals
id:Bass value:orange legend:Bass
id:Guitar value:green legend:Guitar
id:Drums value:yellow legend:Drums
id:Lead&nbsp;Guitar value:blue legend:Lead&nbsp;Guitar
Legend = orientation: vertical position: bottom columns:4
ScaleMajor = increment:2 start:1983
ScaleMinor = increment:1 start:1983
LineData =
at:04/01/1987 color:black layer:back
at:05/10/1988 color:black layer:back
at:08/08/1989 color:black layer:back
at:10/09/1990 color:black layer:back
at:05/12/1992 color:black layer:back
at:10/04/1994 color:black layer:back
at:06/24/1997 color:black layer:back
at:06/08/1999 color:black layer:back
at:04/29/2008 color:black layer:back
BarData =
bar:Billy text:"Chuck Billy"
bar:Peterson text:"Eric Peterson"
bar:Skolnick text:"Alex Skolnick"
bar:Christian text:"Greg Christian"
bar:Bostaph text:"Paul Bostaph"
bar:Souza text:"Steve Souza"
bar:Clemente text:"Louie Clemente"
bar:Tempesta text:"John Tempesta"
bar:Hoglan text:"Gene Hoglan"
bar:Lombardo text:"Dave Lombardo"
bar:Murphy text:"James Murphy"
bar:DiGiorgio text:"Steve DiGiorgio"
bar:Ramirez text:"Derrick Ramirez"
width:10 textcolor:black align:left anchor:from shift:(10,-4)
bar:Billy from:01/01/1986 till:end color:Vocals
bar:Peterson from:01/01/1983 till:end color:Guitar
bar:Skolnick from:01/01/1983 till:12/31/1993 color:Lead&nbsp;Guitar
bar:Christian from:01/01/1983 till:12/31/1996 color:Bass
bar:Bostaph from:01/01/1993 till:12/31/1993 color:Drums
bar:Souza from:01/01/1983 till:01/01/1986 color:Vocals
bar:Clemente from:01/01/1983 till:01/01/1993 color:Drums
bar:Tempesta from:01/01/1993 till:01/01/1994 color:Drums
bar:Hoglan from:01/01/1996 till:01/01/1997 color:Drums
bar:Lombardo from:01/01/1999 till:12/31/1999 color:Drums
bar:Murphy from:01/01/1994 till:01/01/1996 color:Lead&nbsp;Guitar
bar:DiGiorgio from:01/01/1999 till:01/01/2004 color:Bass
bar:Ramirez from:01/01/1983 till:01/01/1984 color:Lead&nbsp;Guitar
bar:Skolnick from:01/01/2001 till:12/31/2001 color:Guitar
bar:Christian from:01/01/2004 till:end color:Bass
bar:Bostaph from:01/01/2007 till:end color:Drums
bar:Clemente from:01/01/2005 till:12/31/2005 color:Drums
bar:Tempesta from:01/01/2001 till:12/31/2001 color:Drums
bar:Murphy from:01/01/1998 till:01/01/1999 color:Lead&nbsp;Guitar
bar:Ramirez from:01/01/1997 till:12/31/1997 color:Bass
bar:Skolnick from:01/01/2005 till:end color:Lead&nbsp;Guitar
bar:Tempesta from:01/01/2005 till:12/31/2005 color:Drums
ImageSize = width:300 height:50
PlotArea = left:20 bottom:20 top:0 right:20
Alignbars = justify
DateFormat = dd/mm/yyyy
Period = from:01/01/1983 till:27/08/2010
TimeAxis = orientation: horizontal format: yyyy
Colors =
id:Lines value:black legend:Releases
Legend = orientation: horizontal position: top
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