Emulsija: Skirtumas tarp puslapio versijų

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Atmestas pakeitimas, grąžinta ankstesnė versija (Homo ergaster keitimas)
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S (Atmestas pakeitimas, grąžinta ankstesnė versija (Homo ergaster keitimas))
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'''Emulsija''' – dviejų nesimaišančių [[skystis|skysčių]] [[dispersinė sistema]]. Pvz., [[sviestas|svieste]] [[vanduo|vandens]] lašelius supa riebalai, o piene vandeninis tirpalas supa riebalų lašelius. Emulsijos gaunamos emulsavimo pagalba. Emulsijos nėra stabilios, todėl joms gauti reikalinga energija (kratymas, maišymas, kt.). Po kurio laiko emulsijos vėl savaime išsisluoksniuoja į riebiąją ir vandens fazę.
BPredicting when we will be in the mood is not always possible, so it’s hard to be ready all the time. When you are suddenly taken over by the mood, but don’t have your handy toy with you, there are other ways of enjoying the moment. You might not have your toy with you because you’re on vacation or maybe you’re too embarrassed to buy one or maybe you just want to try a dildo for the first time and see if it’s for you. Maybe you’re trying to explore your g-spot? If you want to try find your g-spot, my g-spot vibrator article can help you hit the right spot.
[[Paviršinio aktyvumo medžiagos]] (surfaktantai) gali labai padidinti emulsijų kinetinį stabilumą, tada jos net ilgai laikomos, mažai pakinta. Surfaktantai skirstomi į:
There are many different instances where getting caught with a dildo could be embarrassing such as could you imagine getting caught with a vibrator or dildo by airport security?
* [[emulsiklis|emulsiklius]] (emulgatorius);
* detergentus ([[ploviklis|ploviklius]]).
Į ką virs emulsija – į vandens emulsiją aliejuje ar aliejaus emulsiją vandenyje - lemia dviejų fazių skysčių santykis ir naudojami [[emulsiklis|emulsikliai]]. Dažniausiai galima pritaikyti Bancroft'o taisyklę: emulsikliai skatina tos fazės dispersiją, kurioje jie prasčiau ištirpsta; pvz., baltymai geriau ištirpsta vandenyje nei aliejuje, todėl skatina susidaryti aliejaus emulsiją vandenyje, nes palengvina aliejaus lašelių dispersiją vandens fazėje.
Or maybe someone finds your hidden dildo?
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discreet vibrator
The first thing I want to do though is to go over health concerns.
Avoid infection – use a condom. The reason is that there could be bacteria on any of the objects you use and you’re sticking them in a very private part so you want to make sure you don’t get some sort of bacterial infection down there.
Avoid breakage. The other consideration is that if you’re in the throes of passion, the object you’re using as a dildo could break and you could end up with some sort of object stuck in there which could make for a very awkward emergency room visit.
Avoid pointy items. Surely it goes without saying but don’t put anything that’s pointy that can scratch your insides. Only use smooth objects.
So now it’s diy dildo time. You simply have to be creative and make your own dildo! Below are some ways to make homemade dildos from everyday objects, and some advice on how to safely use them.
cheeky wink model
It’s awkward wink time
If you are home, don’t have a toy and really in the mood this is one fruit that works great. You will find the best homemade dildos are those that resemble the real deal, long and round. Cucumbers are stiff and sturdy, making it better for the job than compared to others food related objects, such as banana’s.
Cool cucumber
You’ll never look at cucumbers the same way
To use it, simply grab it from your fridge, place a condom on it, add lube if needed and go to town. Other than maybe rinsing it really good prior to use, there’s nothing for prepping it.
While not as sturdy as a cucumber, banana’s work well as a second option. The downfall is that banana’s go soft pretty quick, but in a hurry it works and it’s shaped similar to the real thing, so bonus points.
Banana vs vibrator
If you can, use a banana that hasn’t become ripe yet as it will be firmer, place a condom on it and start your fun. You will want to wash the peel first to ensure it’s clean. You should pay attention to the end as well, they can be sharp.
This is an object that most people have laying around, if not several. It’s not food so it won’t go stale, and the handles are usually stiff so you won’t have to worry about it going soft!
hairbrush dildo
Desperate times call for desperate measures!
For use, simply wash it as usual to ensure it’s clean, and place a condom over it. You are ready to go!
Electric Toothbrush
If you don’t have a hairbrush, or you don’t like the texture of the handle, an electric toothbrush is another alternative. You can use your electric toothbrush as a makeshift vibrator to really arouse your clit, or add some kick and insert it.
where's the electric toothbrush
For use, you should wash it, then place a condom over it like any other object. As it can be sharp, you should avoid being forceful