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::Hi, three days event is too long for me, thank you for invitation, [[User:Nomad|Nomad]] would be a great representative.--[[Naudotojas:Dirgela|Dirgela]] ([[Naudotojo aptarimas:Dirgela|aptarimas]]) 20:36, 9 rugpjūčio 2018 (EEST)
:The deadline for registration for the Lithuanian community representatives is 15 August. As there are no objections against [[User:Nomad|Nomad]]'s application, I think we can consider that his application is accepted and he can register: [[:m:Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2018/Participants]]. We still have one place available for the second representative of the Lithuanian community, so feel free to apply if you are interested in — [[Naudotojas:NickK|NickK]] ([[Naudotojo aptarimas:NickK|aptarimas]]) 18:50, 10 rugpjūčio 2018 (EEST)