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Are there also some wikipedians in Lithuania that are interested to participate? [[Naudotojas:Kruusamägi|Kruusamägi]] ([[Naudotojo aptarimas:Kruusamägi|aptarimas]]) 16:52, 8 rugpjūčio 2018 (EEST)
== Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2018 ==
''(Sorry for writing in English only, but I do not speak any Lithuanian. Please do not hesitate to add a translation of my post into Lithuanian)''
Dear Lithuanian Wikipedians,
I am a member of the organising team of [[:m:Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2018|Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2018]], a meeting of Wikipedians from our region, Central and Eastern Europe. I am contacting you because we need representation from Lithuanian community. Unfortunately, no Lithuanian Wikipedians registered so far.
[[:m:Wikimedia CEE Meeting|Wikimedia CEE Meeting]] is a three-day conference where participants can: learn from experience of other countries of our region (for example, recruiting new editors or working with museums), participate in trainings (for example, Wikidata or bots) or work on regional projects (such as CEE Spring) etc.
This year [[:m:Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2018|Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2018]] will be organised in [[Lavov|Lviv]], Ukraine, on 13–15 October.
We have two scholarships for the Lithuanian community. Each scholarship covers travel from Lithuania to Lviv and back, hotel, meals and conference participation.
We are looking for participants who are: people most involved in decision-making in your community, people who organise online collaborations, people who lead partnerships between Wikipedia community and other organisations, people who prepared offline events. Participants should speak English as the conference will be in English. The registration page for participants is here: [[:m:Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2018/Participants]]
'''Can you please suggest names of people who will be good representatives of Lithuanian community? Are any of you interested in participating in this conference?'''
Thank you, on behalf of Wikimedia CEE Meeting team — [[Naudotojas:NickK|NickK]] ([[Naudotojo aptarimas:NickK|aptarimas]]) 06:39, 9 rugpjūčio 2018 (EEST)