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:* But it is not a flickr :). Now we have two photos of the same type. But this article is about the ''musical'' group. Therefore it would be nice to add music directly to the article. Especially since we have such unique ability. --sasha ([[User:Krassotkin|krassotkin]]) 19:00, 10 vasario 2017 (EET)
Rearanged in different way. I have nothing against placing musical video examples, only have preocupation that these "abilities" could be easly overussed (sort off "if you can, you must" as in [ this] example). Nowdays all the Internet is full off screaming, twinkling, poping out media, where you can not find simplicity, so, I convinced, we shoul preserve Wikipedia from this "multimediality". [[Naudotojas:Hugo.arg|Hugo.arg]] ([[Naudotojo aptarimas:Hugo.arg|aptarimas]]) 19:22, 10 vasario 2017 (EET)
* I agree with you we shouldn't. But in my opinion it is important for this type of articles. Thank you! --sasha ([[User:Krassotkin|krassotkin]]) 21:03, 10 vasario 2017 (EET)