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== Comparision of Baltic states' Wikipedias ==
Hi! If somebody is interested, I have a [[:lv:Dalībnieks:Edgars2007/Salīdzinājums|table]], where is compared Estonian, Lithuanian and Latvian Wikipedia - number of articles created by month. Of course, it doesn't show anything practical :) The sum of articles may be slightly not precise (it may differ by some 60 articles). [[:lv:Dalībnieks:Edgars2007/Salīdzinājums/Grafiks|Here]] is also a graph. And [[:d:User:Papuass/Baltic Wp stats|here]] is some statistics about articles from Wikidata. --[[Naudotojas:Edgars2007|Edgars2007]] ([[Naudotojo aptarimas:Edgars2007|aptarimas]]) 14:37, 18 rugsėjo 2015 (EEST)