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== ORCID ==
Please excuse me for writing in English.
Please can someone import and translate [[:en:Template:Authority control]] (and its subtemplates and Lua module) from the English Wikipedia? The template uses identifiers such as [[:en:Virtual International Authority File]] (VIAF), [[:en:ORCID]] & [[:en:Library of Congress Control Numbers]] (LCCN) (and several others) to diambiguate people with similar names. It imports such data from Wikidata.
Once the template is working, a bot can add it to all the articles about people who have one or more of the relvant ideniftiers, in Wikdiata.
The template can also be used to display ORCID identifiers on user pages, which is particlarly useful for those who edit in relation to their professional or academic research. See [[:en:WP:ORCID]] for more information. See my en.WP user page for an example.
Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions, or if you can help. [[Naudotojas:Pigsonthewing|Pigsonthewing]] ([[Naudotojo aptarimas:Pigsonthewing|aptarimas]]) 18:22, 15 rugsėjo 2014 (EEST)