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Hello and Sat Sri Akaal! Neither I know the language nor where to request, so writing here. I'm changing my username globally to "itarbuttar" as per [[meta:Steward requests/Username changes#TariButtar@global|the meta request]]. Please check to verify and rename and oblige. Thanks a lot. --[[Naudotojas:TariButtar|TariButtar]] ([[Naudotojo aptarimas:TariButtar|aptarimas]]) 16:48, 7 lapkričio 2012 (EET)
== Wikitravel ==
May I request that [[Šablonas:Wikitravel]] and [[Šablonas:Wikitravelpar]] be deleted? They're no longer in use as all content which was on WT is now in [[Wikivoyage:]], a Wikimedia project. [[Naudotojas:K7L|K7L]] ([[Naudotojo aptarimas:K7L|aptarimas]]) 19:56, 25 vasario 2013 (EET)