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Turkmen (Latin: Türkmen, Cyrillic: '''Түркмен''') is the name of the language of the titular nation of [[Turkmenistan]]. It is spoken by over 3,600,000 people in [[Turkmenistan]], and by roughly 3,000,000 people in other countries, including [[Iran]], [[Afghanistan]], and Russia.<ref>[http://www.ethnologue.com/show_language.asp?code=tuk Ethnologue report for Turkmen]</ref> Up to 50 % of native speakers in Turkmenistan also claim a good knowledge of [[Russian language|Russian]], a legacy of the [[Russian Empire]] and [[Soviet Union]].
Turkmen is not a literary language in Iran and Afghanistan, where many Turkmen tend towards bilingualism, usually conversant in the local dialects of [[Persian language|Persian]]. Variations of the [[Perso-Arabic script]] are, however, used in Iran.
[[Image:Turkmengirlandbaby.jpg|left|150px|thumb|A Turkmen girl and baby from Afghanistan]]
The Turkmen people of Central Asia live in:
*'''[[Turkmenistan]]''', where some 85 % of the population of 5,042,920 people (July 2006 est.), are ethnic Turkmen. In addition, an estimated 1,200 Turkmen [[Afghan refugees|refugees]] from northern Afghanistan currently reside in Turkmenistan due to the ravages of the [[Soviet invasion of Afghanistan]] and factional fighting in Afghanistan which saw the rise and fall of the [[Taliban]].<ref>[http://www.newscentralasia.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=952 UNHCR Begins Compiling Database of Refugees in Turkmenistan]</ref>
*'''[[Iran]]''', where over 2 million Turkmen are primarily concentrated in the [[Provinces of Iran|provinces]] of [[Golestān Province|Golestān]] and [[North Khorasan Province|North Khorasan]].
There are also scattered communities of Turkmens in Russian province of [[Stavropol]] and elsewhere in the [[Caucasus]], descending from the tribes who emigrated from [[Turkmenistan]] in 18th century and call themselves "''[[Trukhmens|Trukhmen]]''".
Age structure: 0-14 years: 35.7 % (male 909,113; female 860,128),15-64 years: 60.2 % (male 1,462,198; female 1,516,836),65 years and over: 4.1 % (male 78,119; female 125,687) (2005 est.)
Population growth rate is 1.82 % (2005 est.)
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