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Hello. I have just translated Your (Arkadiijus Vinokuras) - and the other one (Vinokuras Arkadijus) - articles about Mr Vinokuras from Lithuanian Wikipedia into the Polish one. Do You have any sources for information You put in this article (I mean any books, press articles and so on)? Kind regards, [[Naudotojas:Tomasz|Tomasz]] 12:05, 2009 kovo 17 (EET)
:Hi, I've started this article out of my interest in the person, expecting other wiki users would contribute to the expansion of article. Unfotunately, I don't have any sources nor any other usefull information with regards to it. Hopefully some other users would be more helpfull. Try contacting [[Naudotojas:Lazdynas|Lazdynas]] - he seems to have access to databases on Lithuanian personalities. Best regards [[Naudotojas:Figuura|Figuura]] 14:11, 2009 kovo 17 (GMT)
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