Out of Line Music
Žanras Industrial
Kilmės šalis VokietijaVokietija
Vieta Berlynas
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Out of Line Music – Vokietijos garso įrašų kompanija, kuri leidžia įvairių stilių muziką, tokią kaip electro, EBM, synthpop.

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Nr. # Atlikėjas Albumo pavadinimas Formatas
OUT 001 Signal Aout 42 Immortal Collection 1983–1995 CD
OUT 002 Clay People Cringe CD
OUT 003 V/A On the Line CD
OUT 004 Idiot Stare Blinded CD
OUT 005 Deus Ex Machina Videohiperestesia CD
OUT 006 Yeht Mae eaM theY CD
OUT 007 Crocodile Shop Beneath CD
OUT 008 Hocico Odio Bajo El Alma CD
OUT 009 Fektion Fekler From Here to Heaven CD
OUT 011 Crocodile Shop Metalwerks CD EP
OUT 014/015 Crocodile Shop Pain 2xCD
OUT 016 Spahn Ranch Architecture Beta CD
OUT 017/018 V/A Awake The Machines – On The Line Vol. 2 2xCD
OUT 019 Spahn Ranch Retrofit EP EP
OUT 020 Bile Biledegradable CD
OUT 021 Hanzel und Gretyl Transmissions From Uranus CD
OUT 022 Hocico Los Hijos Del Infierno CD
OUT 023 Pygmy Children Low Life Dream CD
OUT 024 Hocico Cursed Land CD EP
OUT 025 Terminal Choice Navigator CD
OUT 026 Fektion Fekler Kling Klang Bedlam CD
OUT 027 Rx Bedside Toxicology CD
OUT 028 Tumor Neues Fleisch Operation 2 CD
OUT 029 Spahn Ranch Beat Noir CD
OUT 030 Culture Kultür Manifesto CD
OUT 031 Serpents What is Fear? CD
OUT 032 Blutengel Child of Glass CD
OUT 033 Culture Kultür Reflex CD
OUT 034 Neuroactive Fiber-Optic Rhythm CD
OUT 035 Terminal Choice Venus CD
OUT 036 Matrix Dreams Are Real CD
OUT 037/038 V/A Awake The Machines Vol. 2 2xCD
OUT 039 K.I.F.O.T.H. (Kneel In Front of the Executioner) Spectaclebreakers CD
OUT 040 Hocico Sangre Hirviente CD
OUT 042 Culture Kultür DNA Slaves CD
OUT 043 Switchblade Symphony The Three Calamities and More CD
OUT 045 Terminal Choice Black Pest CD
OUT 046 V/A Tierra Electrica '99 CD
OUT 048 Dulce Liquido Disolución CD
OUT 050 Terminal Choice No Chance CD
OUT 053 Stin Scatzor Industrology CD
OUT 054 Terminal Choice Animal CD
OUT 055/047 Terminal Choice Ominous Future 2xCD
OUT 056/056L Hocico Aquí Y Ahora En El Silencio CD
OUT 057/058 V/A Machineries of Joy 2xCD
OUT 059 Terminal Choice In The Shadow of Death (Re-Release) CD
OUT 060 Terminal Choice Khaosgott (Re-Release) CD
OUT 061 Inscape Immer Ich CD
OUT 062 K.I.F.O.T.H. Fundamentum Divisionis CD
OUT 063 Accessory Jukka2147.de CD
OUT 064 Blutengel Seelenschmerz CD
OUT 065 Inscape Neonsonne CD
OUT 066 Blutengel Bloody Pleasures CD
OUT 067/064 Blutengel Seelenschmerz 2xCD Ltd. Box Set
OUT 068 Culture Kultür Revenge CD
OUT 069 Angels & Agony Darkness CD
OUT 070 V/A Awake the Machines Vol. 3 CD
OUT 071 V/A Out of Line Presents: The Future of Pop CD Promo
OUT 072 Hocico Untold Blasphemies CD
OUT 073 KiEw Divergent CD
OUT 074 Angels & Agony Eternity CD
OUT 075 Matrix The War Is Over CD
OUT 076 Accessory Deadline CD
OUT 077 V/A Industrial for the Masses CD
OUT 078 Blutengel Black Roses CD
OUT 079/080 Hocico Signos De Aberracion 2xCD Ltd. Box Set
OUT 080 Hocico Signos De Aberracion CD
OUT 081 Inscape Lichtjahrhundert CD
OUT 082 Terminal Choice Collective Suicide CD
OUT 083 Accessory Live Hammer CD – Ltd. Edition
OUT 084 Tristesse De La Lune Strangeland CD Promo
OUT 085 Terminal Choice Buried A-Live CD
OUT 086 Angels & Agony Forever CD
OUT 087 Tumor Zombienation CD
OUT 088 Hocico El Día De La Ira CD
OUT 089 Blutengel Vampire Romance – Part I CD
OUT 090 Blutengel Angel Dust CD
OUT 091/090 Blutengel Angel Dust 2xCD Ltd. Box Set
OUT 092 Culture Kultür Combat! CD
OUT 093 Negative Format Static CD
OUT 094 Accessory I Say Go CD
OUT 095 Tristesse De La Lune Eiskalte Liebe CD
OUT 096 God Module Perception CD
OUT 097/098 V/A Machineries of Joy Vol. 2 2xCD
OUT 099 Decoded Feedback Phoenix CD
OUT 100 Terminal Choice Injustice CD
OUT 101 Solitary Experiments Advance Into Unknown
OUT 102 Negative Format Cipher Method CD
OUT 103 Decoded Feedback Shockwave CD
OUT 104/105 Terminal Choice Menschenbrecher 2xCD Ltd. Box Set
OUT 105 Terminal Choice Menschenbrecher CD
OUT 106 God Module Empath CD
OUT 107 Soman Sound Pressure CD
OUT 108 Dulce Liquido Shock Therapy CD
OUT 109 Accessory Titan CD
OUT 110 Tristesse De La Lune Queen of the Damned CD
OUT 111 Haujobb Verticle Theory CD
OUT 112 Hocico Dissidencia Inquebrantable CD EP
OUT 113 V/A Taste the Machines CD Maxi
OUT 114 Faith & The Muse The Burning Season CD
OUT 115 V/A Awake the Machines Vol. 4 CD
OUT 116 Combichrist The Joy of Gunz CD
OUT 117 Angels & Agony Salvation CD EP
OUT 118 Snow In China Mindsucker CD Maxi
OUT 119 Combichrist Kiss the Blade CD Maxi
OUT 120 Hocico Hate Never Dies – The Remix Celebration CD
OUT 121/123 Hocico Hate Never Dies – The Celebration 4xCD, Ltd. Edition
OUT 124 Amduscia Melodies for the Devil CD
OUT 125 Tristesse De La Lune A Heart Whose Love Is Innocent CD
OUT 126 KiEw Diskette CD EP
OUT 128 Terminal Choice Reloadead CD
OUT 128/129 Terminal Choice Reloadead CD 2xCD Ltd.
OUT 130 Blutengel Forever CD Maxi
OUT 131 Icon of Coil Android CD
OUT 132/133 Decoded Feedback BioMechanic 2xCD
OUT 134/135 God Module Artificial 2.0 2xCD
OUT 136 Icon of Coil Machines Are Us CD
OUT 136/127 Icon of Coil Machines Are Us – Limited Edition 2xCD
OUT 137 Cephalgy Engel Sterben Nie CD
OUT 138/139 Solitary Experiments Cause & Effect 2xCD
OUT 140 Blutengel Demon Kiss CD
OUT 140/141 Blutengel Demon Kiss (Limited Edition 1) 2xCD Ltd. Ed
OUT 140/142 Blutengel Demon Kiss (Limited Edition 2) 3xCD Ltd. Ed
OUT 143 Spetsnaz Grand Design Re-Designed CD
OUT 144 Hocico Born to Be (Hated) CD
OUT 145 Snow In China Electromensch CD
OUT 147/146 V/A Industrial for the Masses Vol. 2 (Limited Edition) 2xCD
OUT 148 The Parallel Project Explicit CD
OUT 149 System Syn Momentary Absolution CD
OUT 150 The Parallel Project Fusion CD
OUT 151 System Syn Premeditated CD
OUT 152 KiEw Festplatte 12" Vinyl Ltd. Edition
OUT 153 Hocico Born to Be (Hated) 12" Vinyl Ltd. Edition
OUT 154 Soman Revenge CD Maxi, Ltd. Edition
OUT 155/156 The Horrorist Manic Panic Extended 2xCD
OUT 157 Blutengel No Eternity CD
OUT 158 Blutengel No Eternity 12" Vinyl
OUT 159/160 Hocico Wrack and Ruin 2xCD
OUT 161/162 Hocico Wrack and Ruin 2xLP
OUT 163 Combichrist Sex, Drogen und Industrial CD Maxi
OUT 164 Destroid Future Prophecies CD
OUT 165 Angels & Agony Avatar CD
OUT 165/166 Angels & Agony Avatar 2xCD
OUT 176/177 Combichrist Everybody Hates You CD
OUT 178 Tumor Welcome Back, Asshole! CD
OUT 179 Aesthetic Perfection Close to Human CD
OUT 180/182 Tristesse De La Lune Ninive/Time Is Moving 2xCD Maxi
OUT 183 Tumor Killer TeKKKno CD EP, Ltd. Edition
OUT 184 Agonoize Evil Gets An Upgrade CD EP
OUT 185/186 Accessory Forever & Beyond CD
OUT 187/188 Blutengel Live Lines CD + DVD Lyd. Edition
OUT 189 Haujobb Vertical Mixes CD
OUT 191 Din (A) Tod Living Dead CD Single
OUT 192 Hocico Blasphemies in the Holy Land (Live in Israel) CD Ltd. Edition
OUT 193 Analogue Brain Alter Ego CD
OUT 194 Culture Kultür Reborn CD
OUT 195 V/A Awake The Machines Vol. 5 CD
OUT 195/197 V/A Awake The Machines Vol. 5 2xCD Ltd. Edition
OUT 196 Analogue Brain Electroshock CD
OUT 198 Decoded Feedback Combustion CD
OUT 199 Solitary Experiments Mind Over Matter CD
OUT 199/201 Solitary Experiments Mind Over Matter 2xCD
OUT 200 Amduscia Impulso Biomecànico CD
OUT 202/203 God Module Viscera 2xCD
OUT 204/205 Agonoize 999 CD
OUT 206 KiEw Exit #72 CD EP
OUT 207 Cephalgy Finde Deinen Dämon CD
OUT 208 Blutengel The Oxidising Angel CD
OUT 209 Blutengel The Oxidising Angel CD Ltd. Edition
OUT 210 V/A Celebrate The Machines – An Out of Line 10th Anniversary Megamix! CD
OUT 211 Spetsnaz Degenerate Ones CD Maxi Ltd. Edition
OoLPR50 Angels & Agony Forward CD Promo
OUT 212 Proceed Neusprache CD
OUT 213 Spetsnaz Totalitär CD
OUT 214 KiEw Visite CD
OUT 215/218 Amduscia From Abuse to Apostasy 2xCD Ltd. Edition Box
OUT 217 Hocico Not Like You (Apestas! Version) CD Single
OUT 219 Infekktion Suffering Spirits CD
OUT 220 V/A Out of Line Festival Vol. 2 DVD
OUT 221/223 Agonoize Assimilation: Chapter Two 2xCD
OUT 222 And One Military Fashion Show CD Maxi
OUT 224 Icon of Coil I: Serenity Is the Devil & Shallow Nation CD
OUT 225 Icon of Coil II: One Nation Under Beat & Seren EP CD
OUT 226 Icon of Coil III: The Soul Is In the Software & Access And Amplify CD
OUT 227 UnterART Noise & Grace CD
OUT 228 Combichrist Get Your Body Beat CD
OUT 229 Ashbury Heights Cry Havoc CD Single
OUT 230 Agonize Ultraviolent Six CD Maxi
OUT 231 Terminal Choice Don’t Go CD Maxi
OUT 232 And One So Klingt Liebe (S) CD Maxi
OUT 232/233/234 And One So Klingt Liebe (S) (E) (X) 3xCD Maxi
OUT 235 Terminal Choice New Born Enemies CD
OUT 235/236 Terminal Choice New Born Enemies 2xCD Ltd. Edition
OUT 237/238 V/A Industrial for the Masses Vol.3 2xCD
OUT 239 Rabia Sorda Save Me From My Curse CD Maxi
OUT 240 And One Bodypop CD
OUT 240/242 And One Bodypop 2xCD Ltd. Edition
OUT 241 Cephalgy Moment Der Stille CD EP
OUT 243 Spetsnaz Hardcore Hooligans CD Maxi Ltd. Edition
OUT 244 Solitary Experiments Final Approach (Totally Recharged) CD
OUT 245 Solitary Experiments Solitary Experiments Paradox (Totally Recharged) CD
OUT 246 Solitary Experiments Final Assault (Totally Recharged) CD
OUT 247 Blutengel My Saviour CD Maxi
OUT 248 Rabia Sorda Métodos Del Caos CD Ltd. Edition
OUT 249 And One Traumfrau CD Maxi
OUT 250 Client Lights Go Out CD Maxi
OUT 251/252 Angels & Agony Unison 2xCD
OUT 253/254 Combichrist What the F**k Is Wrong With You People 2xCD Ltd. Edition
OUT 255 Client Drive CD Single
OUT 256 Client Drive (2) CD Single
OUT 257/258 V/A Machineries of Joy Vol. 4 2xCD Ltd. Edition
OUT 259 Klog We’re Just Physical CD Single
OUT 260/261 Client Heartland CD + DVD Ltd. Edition
OUT 262 NorthBorne Force It CD
OUT 263 Necessary Response Blood Spills Not Far From the Wound CD
OUT 264 God Module Let’s Go Dark CD Ltd. Edition
OUT 265 Proceed Laut CD EP
OUT 266/267 Lola Angst Schwarzwald 2xCD
OUT 268 Marsheaux What a Lovely Surprise CD Single
OUT 271 Blutengel Lucifer (Purgatory) CD Maxi Ltd. Edition
OUT 272 Blutengel Lucifer (Blaze) CD Maxi Ltd. Edition
OUT 273 Accessory Holy Machine CD
OUT 274 Hocico About a Dead CD
OUT 275/276 Signal Aout 42 Transformation 2xCD Ltd. Edition Box
OUT 277 Blutengel Labyrinth CD
OUT 277/278 Blutengel Labyrinth (Limited Edition) 2xCD Ltd. Edition Box
OUT 279 Client It’s Not Over CD Single
OUT 280 Ashbury Heights Three Cheers for the Newlydeads CD
OUT 281/282 Spetsnaz Deadpan 2xCD
OUT 283 Din (A) Tod The Sound of Crash CD
OUT 284/285/286 Agonoize Sieben (Maximum Permissible Dose) 3xCD Ltd. Edition Box
OUT 287 Solitary Experiments Compendium CD
OUT 288 Hocico The Shape of Things to Come CD Single
OUT 290 Elegant Machinery Feel the Silence CD